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We don't like spam, but we do send out great deals on our products about once a month by email. If you'd like to receive these emails - again, typically just once at the beginning of each month, and MAYBE 3 or 4 more times if we have super special on something else - then sign up using the form below.

A couple things to know:

  • We will NEVER sell or rent your email address.
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  • We hate spam too, so this list will ONLY be for special sales for products you may be interested in purchasing, such as tapes, die cuts, caps or plugs.

What are you waiting for? Savings throughout the year are yours, simply by clicking on the link here, and watching for savings delivered right to your inbox around the beginning of each month. See what this month's special is here!


Note that we reserve the right to restrict this list. At Viadon's sole determination, we may remove vendors and/or competitors email addresses at any time, without notice.