Summer, 2017

Viadon has offered rapid prototyping of many tape die cuts for years. Our plotter can cut a wide variety of shapes to test-fit die cuts before committing to a tool, or even making short runs of die cuts when a tool isn't financially feasible. 

3D printed prototype masking plug

Now Viadon is adding 3D printing to its portfolio of options, allowing for rapid prototyping of molded parts as well. For the time being, this is limited to hard plastic, but we expect to add flexible material soon. This will speed the molded prototype process for silicone parts from weeks to days. Though the prototypes we can produce will not be made from silicone, the flexible nature of the 3D printed prototype parts means many customers can go directly to a production-level tool, saving a lot of time... not to mention money. 

What molded parts can Viadon prototype for you? 

Winter, 2017

Viadon introduces the Silicone Multi-Use Plug and Cap kit. This allows the job-shop or small powder coater to avoid purchasing dozens of different plugs and caps, and plug holes from 0.109" to 0.709" (with just 3 different plugs!) and cap off studs/threads from 0.118" to 0.709" (with just 4 different caps!). 

And you can get a kit with all of them for only $50. Interested? More info here at this link

Powder coating job shop masking kit

Summer, 2016

The "cooler cup craze" (Yeti / Glacier / RTIC / Ozark Trail type stainless steel cups) has captivated much of the nation, with the insulated beverage containers popping up everywhere from high end outdoor sporting goods stores to corner convenience stores. What many of them have in common is that people want them to look different! 

"Is that one mine?"

"I don't know - I thought it was mine."

"Did you drink out of my cup?"

"I can't tell... they're all the same stainless steel color!"


Insulated cooler cup with masking

Enter you, the custom job shop coater, to save the day and avoid millions of germs from spreading from person to person via accidental beverage sharing! The problem is, how do you mask that giant gaping hole at the end of the cup? (Not the one in people's mouths, though sometimes people do dream of doing that, amirite?) Most insulated cup owners still want their drink to be touching the stainless steel, not cured powder coat. 

Viadon can help. 

Give us a call at 866-534-3900 or shoot us an email at [email protected], and we can get you set up with the necessary items to mask these popular drinking containers with any of the wide range of powder coating colors available from your favorite powder supplier. Need some tips on how to mask the insulated cup for the best effect? We've got your back. And racking! How are you gonna rack that sucker? How will you ground it while it's masked? We've got some ideas for you. 

Give us a shout - we'll help you out. Here's some links to a few items that can get you started:

Solid tapered plugs

Hollow tapered plugs

Do you make/add custom logos or designs on these rambler/tumbler cups? Viadon can provide you with the pre-lined green polyester tape for your plotter or vinyl-cutter machine too that has a higher temperature rating than the Cricut-type vinyl tapes that must be pulled out of the oven before the adhesive fails. 

Stainless steel cup with masking plug