Conversion Charts

On this page are several free conversion and comparison charts for standard and metric screws, nuts and hole sizes, plus a fractions / decimals / metric conversion chart down to 1/64 of an inch. 

Click on each graphic below to download the FREE printable PDF version of each. 

Free, printable small screw, nut and hole chart

Compare screws and hole sizes to find the properly-sized masking cap or plug. The free conversion chart is about 5 MB, in PDF format. 

NOTE: When printing, in order to ensure proper size, turn off scaling or print to original size. Check with actual ruler to ensure ruler at bottom of page measures a full 6 inches across.

Chart comparing standard screw / nut / hole sizes

Free, printable fraction / decimal / metric conversion chart

Note that the lowest common denominator for fractions is listed in bold, but to assist in understanding conversions, the higher denominators have been included in the chart as well (but best practices is to use the lowest denominator). The free conversion chart is about 1.5MB, in PDF format. 

Conversion chart for fraction decimal and metric values up to 1 inch


Free, printable inches to centimeters/millimeters conversion chart

Click on the graphic below to download the FREE inches to centimeters/millimeters conversion chart with inches and centimeters/millimeters rulers and conversion formulas for inches, feet, yards, millimeters, centimeters and yards included. The free conversion chart is about 1.3MB, in PDF format.