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Viadon is a masking supplier and custom converter of single-coated adhesive tape products. These include polyester, crepe, foils, polyimide, glass cloth, PTFE and other multi-layer single-sided adhesive-backed tapes. We try to provide as many American-made tapes as possible!

In-house specialties include custom slit-to-width tapes and tape die cuts laminated to release liners. Viadon carries a full line of silicone, EPDM and vinyl caps and plugs. These complement many of the in-stock high temperature and chemically-resistant tapes. Additionally, Viadon offers custom molded products design and acquisition. In-house overhead die-cutting of solid, sponge and foam silicones are also core competencies.

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Coating Cooler Cups?

Viadon has the goods to help you mask off the mouth of those insulated, stainless steel cooler cups.

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Informative Videos from Viadon

Viadon has a YouTube Channel where you can view short, informative videos about many of the products offered and how to use them for your needs.....

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Viadon Adds Stainless Steel Tape

For some applications, polyester or paper tapes just won’t do. For marine environments or where a durable, low-elongation tape is required, consider Viadon’s stainless steel tape. Made from 304 stainless steel, this high strength material is backed with an acrylic-based adhesive that will withstand temperature ranges from –30F to +250°F, and still maintain a 45 oz./in adhesion.

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Viadon Expands Metal/Foil Tape Offerings with metal-tapes.com

As a leading custom converter in the single-coated adhesive tapes market, Viadon LLC has always sought to methodically expand its lineup of products into new and existing niche markets. Since teaming up with 3M in 2009, Viadon has increased foil and other metal tapes, including lead, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper foil products. As a means to enhance the visibility of these foil-based products, Viadon created a new web presence with metal-tapes.com.

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