Various types of masking products like caps, plugs, tapes and die cuts, conveniently categorized and listed for specific metal finishing processes -click on the appropriate link below to see what items are used most often for each.

Industrial metal finishing masking tapes Masking caps and plugs

Masking for Powder Coating

Masking for Wet Spray Painting

Masking for E-coating

Masking for Anodizing

Masking for Plating / Electroplating

Masking for Thermal Spray / Plasma Spray

Viadon carries a wide range of masking for metal finishing needs: Tapes, caps, plugs, die cuts, custom molded parts and die cut to size tape pieces can all be found at Viadon. Almost all tapes are Made in the USA, so you can rest assured that not only are the tapes you receive are fresh and recently made, but also that they have not been sitting in a hot container on a boat crossing the Pacific Ocean for 2 months, degrading the tape's effectiveness and quality.

Stocking and doing in-house slitting of tapes by 3M, Intertape, St. Gobain, Shurtape and other high quality Midwestern U.S. tape manufacturers, you will be getting the best tape for your needs, and a tape that won't fail when used within it's specified temperature ranges and chemical resistance parameters.

Click on the links above for specific masking recommendations for your metal finishing needs, and find out why Viadon has so many loyal customers who recognize the value of our competitively priced, high quality, American-made tapes. Did we mention we ship most orders same-day when ordered before 2:00 pm too? That's right - we have top-notch service as well!