Standard Tape Die Cuts

Viadon's standard tape die cuts category includes tape die cuts that are offered as standard-catalog products – largely circles (see our “Custom Die Cuts” section for other shapes and sizes). These die cuts are made from a variety of tape materials and are usually offered in roll form with a release liner. Need another material? Squares or rectangles (or some other shape) instead of circles? Ask us! We convert all kinds of tapes right here at our Illinois facility in the USA, every day.

VGD Green Polyester Tape Disks Up to 400°F

Viadon's high temperature green tape is manufactured from a 2 mil polyester film carrier with a 1.3 mil silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Ideal for most masking applications. Withstands 400°F / 205°C and removes cleanly from nearly all surfaces.

VHTCD High Temperature Crepe Tape Disks Up to 325°F

Viadon's 7.3 mil thick high temperature crepe tape disks / dots utilize the latest technology in rubber resin pressure sensitive adhesives from the leading manufacturer of crepe tapes. Designed to handle curing oven temperatures up to 325°F for up to 30 minutes.

GCD Glass Cloth Tape Disks up to 500°F

Does your part preparation involve sand-blasting of your substrate prior to finishing? Glass cloth die-cut disks are made with a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and laminated on a easy release liner. Capable of withstanding both high temps and mild to moderate grit and sand blasting.

KPD Polyimide Tape Disks

Kapton©/Polyimide Tape Disks (KPD) – For the ultimate in high-temperature tape masking or protection, use Viadon's polyimide tape die cuts. Using a 1 mil carrier and a 1.5 mil silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and laminated on an easy release liner, these disks will withstand up to 500°F / 260°C.

VIGCD Industrial Grade Crepe Tape Disks

Industrial grade crepe tape is what most people would term "regular masking tape". Low in cost, but high in quality, these 6.1 mil thick disks have a natural-rubber adhesive system designed to withstand low-temperature backing cycles for wet-spray masking applications up to 200°F.

AFD Aluminum Foil Tape Disks

These foil disks / dots are a great alternative to reduce time spent masking for plating and anodizing parts. Useful for shielding, cleaning, paint stripping and etching applications. Conforms well to irregular surfaces and the adhesive bonds well to most surfaces that will not exceed 260°F.

LFD Lead Foil Tape Disks

Viadon's 5 mil thick lead foil disks and dots are ideal for a wide variety of plating and anodizing applications. Die cut using our in-house rotary die cutting equipment, these dead soft foil disks utilize a thick calendared rubber resin pressure sensitive adhesive that is effective in tanks up to 180°F / 80°C.

Custom Die Cut Parts

Viadon has both overhead press and rotary die cutting capabilities. Lead times are typically 7-10 days or less for custom tools.

Lined Green Polyester Tape

Looking for a way to make your own custom die cuts, or "custom stickers" as they are sometimes called? Lined green polyester tape is a great solution for metal finishers which require many different short runs of die cuts, but that aren't of sufficient quantities to justify tooling costs.