Custom Molded Parts

Viadon is an established importer of high quality custom molded products for all industries. Our in-house engineering staff can design parts from a drawing, sketch or the part to be masked. The products will be designed to your specifications and your material requirements. Our specialties include surface protection, masking, seals, bumpers, gaskets, insulators and shielding.

Molded Part 1

Example of a Viadon custom Silicone Molded Masking Plug to mask an aluminum part on both the inside and outside.

Molded Part 2

Example of a Viadon custom molded Silicone Pull Plug for a slotted keyway.

Molded Part 3

Example of Viadon custom molded silicone part designed to mask a metal part more quickly and efficiently.

Molded Part 4

Example of Viadon unique custom molded part designed to mask a metal part using die cut donuts to hold it in place.

Molded Part 5 and 6

Viadon custom molded parts used for masking during anodizing.

Molded Part 7

An example of a Viadon custom molded silicone masking part for use during wet spray painting operations, saving customer time and money.

Molded Parts 8 and 9

Viadon designed two mirror-image custom-molded silicone masks for an aircraft part that gets anodized in two very specific spots.