Polyester and Splicing Tapes

Viadon's polyester and splicing tapes includes tapes designed to work in a variety of splicing applications, including paper, film and other products. Ranging from moderate to aggressive adhesives, there is bound to be a splicing tape that is ideal for your application. And if not, ask us! We work with many tape manufacturers and may be able to get exactly what you require.

VGT215 Green Polyester Tape

Viadon's high temperature green polyester tape is manufactured from a 2 mil polyester film carrier with a 1.4 mil silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. This tape can withstand 400°F / 205°C and removes cleanly from nearly all surfaces.

VBT Blue Polyester Tape

Viadon's high temperature blue polyester tape (formerly known as VT981) is ideal as a thin splicing tape for use on siliconized release liners and films. It also performs well for masking irregular or curved surfaces in powder coating environments.

VT929 Polyester Tapes

The VT929 polyester splicing tape is available in clear and red - all with the same conformable, low profile 1 mil carrier / 1.5 mil silicone based adhesive system (2.5 mil total thickness) and moderate adhesion characteristics.

VRPT Red Polyester Plating Tape

VRPT Red polyester plating tape (formerly known as VT980) is made from a 1 mil polyester carrier with a 3 mil pressure sensitive adhesive and can withstand 400°F / 204°C. It removes cleanly from nearly all surfaces. Excellent for use as die-cut material on liner.

3M 1280 Circuit Plating Tape

3M 1280 Circuit Plating tape is made from a 1 mil polyester carrier with a 3 mil pressure sensitive adhesive and can withstand 311°F. It removes cleanly from nearly all surfaces.

VT950 Yellow Polyester Tape High Tack

A 1 mil carrier yellow polyester silicone adhesive tape that can stick to many low energy surfaces such as release liners.

VOT Orange Polyester Tape 400°F-425°F

Got a powder coating application at or above 400°F, but under 425°F? When green polyester doesn't quite work but polyimide and glass cloth are too expensive, orange poly is the solution.

Lined Green Polyester Tape For Die Cuts

Viadon's lined green polyester tape, useful for making custom powder coating stencils or short-run masking die cuts on plotters or vinyl cutting machines.

3M 8985L Anodization Masking Tape

3M™ Anodization Masking Tape 8985L is a reliable non-silicone solution for Type I (chromic acid) anodization. Designed for performance, it is specifically resistant to chromic acid and provides sharp lines with a rubber adhesive for easy removal.

3M 8992 Green Polyester Masking Tape

3M Polyester Tape 8992 is a general purpose polyester tape that excels in high temperature masking operations such as powder coat painting. This is a premium high temperature masking tape.