Green Polyester Tape on liner

  • 3M 8992 lined green polyester tape
  • 3M 8992 lined green polyester tape material
    3M 8992 Lined green polyester tape for plotters and vinyl cutters

3M 8992 tape, lined (withstands 400°F)

Make your own custom-shaped tape die cut with green polyester on release liner. This material is a great solution for metal finishers needing short run quantities of die cuts or even unique one-off designs.

We have customers who produce aerospace quality parts and order this tape and liner to make the die cuts they need on their plotters and/or vinyl cutting machines. This is a perfect way to cut costs and speed masking processes in powder coating, e-coating, anodizing and other metal finishing applications when you need to make your own tape masking quickly.

Available for order in three standard widths at more affordable 36 yard lengths. These sizes work for most any die cutting machine - just choose a width narrower than your machine's maximum. Alternate widths can also be purchased, but require a 72 yards length.

  • Standard Widths
    Part Number Width (inches) Length (yards) Rolls / Case Quantity (rolls)  
    GPL-8 8 36 1 Add to Shopping List
    GPL-14 14 36 1 Add to Shopping List
    GPL-22 22 36 1 Add to Shopping List

    NOTE: Other widths may be available, but is dependent upon in-stock widths and usefulness of the off-cuts created. Please note that only the sizes listed above are generally available. 72 yards lengths may be available for pro-rated pricing.

    * All tapes are slit to width at time of order and cannot be returned for refund or credit. Stock items are subject to availability, but are usually available for shipment within 24 hours.

  • Technical Specifications
    • Total Thickness: 3.4 mil
    • Temperature Range: 32°F to 400°F
    • Typical Uses: Some customers are finding this is a good option for stencils / logos / masking for powder coating things like Yeti tumblers for the initial masking cure, compared to the Cricut vinyl tapes that sometimes leave residue due to the lower temperature rating.
    • Color: Translucent green
    • Carrier: 2 mil of green polyester material
    • Adhesive: 1.4 mil of silicone based adhesive
    • Excellent resistance to shrinking and solvents
    • Clean removal, no residue
  • Masking 101 Helpful Hints
    • Push down hard! This is a pressure sensitive adhesive tape - pressure is required for it to adhere properly to parts.
    • Clean parts thoroughly before applying tape.
    • Apply tape to dry surfaces only.
    • Use paper or aluminum foil to cover a large surface area for less money; tape edges down.
    • Tape is for intermittent, one-time use only.
    • Store rolls on end in a cool, dry place.
    • Shelf life is 12 months from date of purchase.


    Why do we emphasize the "American-made" aspect? Not only does it support American companies and workers, we know it is better quality than the "overseas-made" stuff.
    The liner is better, so your die cuts peel off more easily - that's less waste for you!
    The tape itself is better - we work with several states-side companies who ship the material within a few days of manufacture to our climate-controlled facility.
    Also, it has not been in a hot container crossing the Pacific Ocean for 8-12 weeks, degrading the adhesive and heat-resistance.