High Temperature Masking Tapes

Polyester, polyimide, fiberglass and paper tapes that can withstand 325°F, 400°F, and even up to 500°F temperatures for intermittent periods of time and still provide clean removal.

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VGT215 Green Polyester Tape Up to 400°F

High temperature masking tape should just work. Ours does - whether it's for powder coating, anodizing, ecoating or plating. It's American-made.

VHTC1 High Temperature Crepe Tape

The industry-standard wet-spray painting masking tape. With a flexible crepe paper carrier that conforms well to irregular surfaces

GCT Glass Cloth Tape Up to 500°F

A strong, thick, mildly flexible tape that works well for masking thick powder coating or media blasting operations, or for oven cure temperatures up to 500°F

KPT Polyimide Tape Up to 500°F

Can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F / 260°C while offering high di-electric strength. It is ideal for a wide range of uses, including—but not limited to—wave soldering, circuit board insulation, and very high temperature powder coating applications up to 500°F.

VBT Blue Polyester Tape Up to 400°F

A thin, flexible polyester tape well-suited to fine-line masking and/or smooth, curved surfaces. Withstands 400°F oven temperature cures and removes cleanly afterward

VOT Orange Polyester Tape 400°F-425°F

Got a powder coating application at or above 400°F, but under 425°F? When green polyester doesn't quite work but polyimide and glass cloth are too expensive, orange poly is the solution.

VRPT Red Polyester Plating Tape

This red polyester tape offers the ultimate in masking stop-off for electroplating. The carrier is thin for good conformability, and it has a thick adhesive that flows well into microscopic cracks and crevices to provide superb plating masking.

3M 1280 Circuit Plating Tape

3M's 1280 is a polyester film tape with unique adhesive for printed circuit board masking during electroplating. The unique adhesive also excels in bonding/splicing siliconized papers.

3M 8992 Lined Green Polyester Tape For Die Cuts

Viadon's 8992 lined green polyester tape, useful for making custom powder coating stencils or short-run masking die cuts on plotters or vinyl cutting machines.

3M 8992 Green Polyester Masking Tape

3M Polyester Tape 8992 is a general purpose polyester tape that excels in high temperature masking operations such as powder coat painting. This is a premium high temperature masking tape.