VGT215 - Green Polyester Tape

  • VGT215 Green Polyester Tape
  • Quick, informative video about Green Polyester Tape and its uses for masking during powder coating, anodizing, plating, and e-coating. 
                                            Demonstrates the benefits of American-made green polyester tape.
    Green Polyester Tape for Masking
  • VGT215 Green Polyester Tape

Green Polyester Masking Tape, 400°F  (powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, plating, painting, splicing)

Viadon's high temperature green polyester tape (VGT215) is manufactured from a 2 mil polyester film carrier with a 1.4 mil silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. This tape can withstand 400°F / 205°C and removes cleanly from nearly all surfaces.
Excellent for use as die-cut material on liner, such as Viadon's green polyester disks. 

High temperature masking tape should just work. Our green polyester tape for masking does - whether it's for powder coating, anodizing, e-coating or plating.
It's American-made, and we slit it to width right here in our Chicago-area facility. Need two rolls of 1", five rolls of 2" and three rolls of 1.375"? We fill that kind of order every day. 96% of orders ship same-day too, so you will get the tape quickly.

NOTE: Rolls are 72 yards long and can be cut in custom widths upon request. Viadon slits all tapes in-house! PLEASE Contact Us if you do not see the width of tape you need listed below. Single roll and case quantities are available.