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Hi, We're Viadon!

Viadon is a custom converter and masking supplier for powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, plating, and other finishing processes that continually strives for 100% customer satisfaction… every customer counts! Whether buying once a year or once every week,  Viadon values your business.

Our customers highly value that they always know who they are speaking to when they phone their orders in and we always know them! Wouldn’t it be nice if all the companies you deal with could be like this? It would make work & life a little easier. Viadon has been continually committed to its customers since September 2000.

What's Important To Us

Whether your business is a house account or you have a specific sales person assigned to your account, you can take comfort in knowing that every one of us takes great pride in getting you what you need when you need it.

Customer Satisfaction

We value your business and will do whatever we can to keep you satisfied.
Are you a current customer who has found a comparable product elsewhere for less? If so, contact us first to see if we can match our competitor’s price.


With 0% employee turnover, you can rest assured your orders will be entered and filled by experienced employees. It is well-documented that customers experience a dip in their quality of service when they have vendors who have high employee turnover rates.

Fast Turnaround

We do our best to ship stock items same day - even if it means sales staff going out in the warehouse to get a last minute order ready for pickup 10 minutes before UPS arrives.

Meet the Team

Being successful is a team effort and Viadon has your needs covered.

Suzy Palmer Image

Suzy Palmer

Vice President & Sales

Suzy helped found Viadon in September, 2000. She is still excited to see what each day brings and is honored to count many customers and vendors as friends. Regarding her employees, Suzy says she feels lucky to have worked with "the same crazy and awesome group of people" for so many years. She is an avid tennis player and fan, typically playing 3-4 times a week. Having been to Wimbledon and the Miami Open, she hopes to one day attend the U.S. Open, Australian Open and Roland Garros (French Open). When not at Viadon or on the court with a racquet she enjoys spending time with her daughter.

Dave Fuller

Engineering & Outside Sales

Dave has been with Viadon since April 2003. As our design engineer, his ability to problem-solve and "see" a part before it exists is crucial. A lifelong amateur astronomer, Dave enjoys building and using telescopes to observe and share the night sky, which dovetails nicely with his love of the outdoors whether it be camping, biking or hiking. Someday he would like to visit the southern hemisphere to see the stars there, and/or Iceland to see the Northern Lights. In his spare time, he shares his astronomy passion on YouTube via his "Eyes on the Sky" channel.

Dave Fuller Image
Stephanie Hanson Image

Stephanie Hanson

Office Manager & Inside Sales

Stephanie has been with Viadon since July, 2001, and her dedication ensures a smooth running office. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters both at home and at antique stores, craft fairs and flea markets. Someday she hopes to travel through Europe, though as she says, "…something along the lines of National Lampoon’s European vacation, but with less hiccups!" Stephanie and her husband also enjoy sport shooting.

Jose Cintora

Quality Control & Production

Jose is Viadon’s second-longest serving employee, having worked here since November, 2000. He is superb with our slitter machinery, able to precisely cut a wide range of tapes with varying technical specifications and slitting adjustments. During the growing season, Jose tends to his garden and Viadon’s other employees enjoy the produce he often shares! He enjoys watching Mexican futbol matches and spending time with his 6 grandchildren.

Jose Cintora Image
Andy Dotson Image

Andy Dotson

Quality Control & Production

Andy has been with Viadon since November, 2001. His wizardry with our rotary press has allowed us to produce some rather interesting and challenging die cuts for customers. He is incredibly artistic, often making drawings on inventory paperwork. He also enjoys a wide variety of Hollywood-produced films, even adding some feature film posters to the press / rewind work area. Andy is married and has two children.