Viadon has been a leader in converting high performance, single-sided tapes for the masking and other industries since September 2000. We also carry a full line of masking caps and plugs. Additionally, we offer converting of many flexible materials such as tapes on release liner and silicone foams/sponges with overhead die cutting. And last but not least, if you need custom die cuts or custom molded silicone/EPDM rubber parts, we do that too, largely for the powder coating, anodizing and plating industries when masking is required. Learn more here in this video to see how we can help your company succeed.

Our Videos

  • Green Polyester Tape

    Viadon carries the highest quality green polyester tape - and most is American made too. Learn more about that high performance masking tape as well as our capabilities as it relates to providing it for your exact needs.

  • Disks, dots, circles: The amazing VGD

    Green polyester disks make it easy to mask a wide range of coatings and metal finishing processes, and Viadon offers a huge range of sizes. Learn more about these versatile die cuts.

  • Green Polyester Tape on Liner

    One of the quickest ways to get short-run custom die cuts made is... do it yourself! Vinyl cutters are a cost-effective means of making specific die cuts for your exact needs. And we have the right material for you - more at the link.

  • Versatile masking plugs

    One of the more versatile - yet under-appreciated - plugs that Viadon carries. Check out how many different options you have for masking with just these three, uniquely-designed plugs.

  • Mask threaded holes AND first thread

    One of the more common issues with masking using a regular pull plug is the initial thread isn't always fully masked. Need a better solution? Need it to be just as quick and easy? Check this out.

  • Not just any old masking plug

    Hits on the concept mentioned above, but not every hole needing masking is a through hole. These are designed for those blind holes where the first thread needs a mask - see how they work.

  • The plug that just works

    While not right for every situation, flangeless plugs fill an important hole (excuse the pun) in our masking plug lineup. When standard tapered plugs or other plugs just don't cut it, a flangeless plug just may be the answer you're looking for.

  • Tapered plugs

    When you need a plug, where do you start looking first? To the tapered plug. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Larger on top, smaller on the bottom. But arming yourself with a bit of knowledge first can put you ahead of the competition. Learn more from our tapered plugs videos.