Lined Green Polyester Tape

Metal finishers big and small have discovered a fast, easy way to produce one-off or low-quantity custom die cuts for their powder coating, anodizing, ecoating or plating customers: A vinyl cutter/plotter couple with Viadon's green polyester tape on a liner.

So whether you are making graphics for a motorcycle, masking for car wheels, or another custom project that requires a one-off or low quantity of specifically shaped die cuts, using our green poly material on liner is a great option to get the job done and make the right impression.

Learn more here:

Need more information? Find stock sizes available here, or contact us for custom widths. We can die cut this tape in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, either in small/short runs or large quantities. 

What is a good plotter / cutter for making your own custom die cuts for powder coating or anodizing masking? While we do not recommend any specific brand or model, there are a few brands come up pretty consisently:

  • Ioline (Viadon has a SmartTrac)
  • Roland (The GS-24 is a popular model)
  • US Cutter (They have a wide range of options available)

Check out each of the links above to see if any of those brands have a model that is right for you.