Thermal Spray and Media Blasting Tapes

Viadon's thermal spray and media blasting tapes category includes various glass cloth, metal foil, and heavy-duty laminated glass/foil tapes used across a wide variety of applications including thermal spray, plasma spray, HVOF, media blasting and other situations where temporary high abrasion resistance is desired. Listed below are tapes we carry as stock items, but if you are looking for a specific tape not listed below, ask us!

GCT Glass Cloth Tape UP TO 500°F

A strong, thick, mildly flexible tape that works well for masking thick powder coating or media blasting operations, or for oven cure temperatures up to 500°F

H7525 Multi-Layer Tape

Exceptional abrasion resistance and adhesion properties make these tapes ideal for demanding applications, including HVOF. All Viadon thermal spray tapes have been used in a wide range of grit-blasting and thermal spray applications.

2925-7 Laminated Glass/Foil Tape

These tapes are an excellent choice for combining conformability with thermal and abrasion resistance. Consisting of thin aluminum foil laminated to glass fabric, they perform well in a wide range of applications.