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As a custom converter, Viadon is committed to helping our customers succeed by providing tape slitting services, tape laminating and stock/custom die cut tapes for masking of parts, and design engineering of molded parts such as silicone and EPDM rubber caps and plugs in powder coating, anodizing and plating operations.

We supplement our in-house processes with other related capabilities. To learn more about each one, click on the links below for additional details.

Tape Slitting

While Viadon slits tape to 1" and 2" widths routinely, our ability to slit custom tape rolls for your specific needs at no extra cost is what sets us apart.

Rotary Die Cutting

We convert and stock dozens of standard tape disks, but when you need higher quantities of a customized shape, size or even kit of multiple die cuts, rotary die cutting is what gets the job done.

Overhead Die Cutting

From larger tape die cuts to flexible materials like silicone and other solid, foam and sponge materials, learn what our press can do for you.


Tapes must be on a liner to leave the needed shape and peel away waste. How do those two materials get together? Laminating.

Plotter Die Cutting

While not ideal for large quantities, if you need to test a custom shape or get small quantities made in a hurry, you will want to know about our plotter.

Molded Parts Engineering

Much of what we convert goes hand in hand with molded parts. What if you need something that is custom designed and produced? We can help.

3D Printed Parts

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is a lot like plotter made die cuts: Not fast or for high quantities, but it can get small quantities done in a hurry.