Custom Die Cuts

AFFORDABLE - Low cost tooling saves on labor costs - custom die cuts go on faster, requiring less labor to apply and remove. Viadon has both overhead press and rotary die cutting capabilities. Lead times are typically 7-10 days or less for custom tools. LARGE INVENTORY - Ask about our in-stock tools inventory - many which can convert custom sizes for butt cuts, custom shapes, custom rectangles sizes, squares, etc. FREE SAMPLES! - Viadon provides free samples for most die cut tape products.

Die Cuts 1

A customer requiring custom molded silicone parts wanted a less expensive / faster design-to-production part. They asked if Viadon could produce samples for them to test. Our response? -- "Of course!"

Die Cuts 2

Viadon custom die cuts can be used to mask metal parts for decorative purposes or to convey a message.

Die Cuts 3

A large automotive brake company needed to mask off several different areas of a brake caliper. Viadon's team of professionals got together and created a custom fix using a mix of stock and custom parts to mask off the part.

Die Cuts 4

An example of a custom die cut "kit" that can mask portions of a part before it went to an anodizer. Viadon worked with a job shop to design some very small, intricate die cut shapes - some as narrow as 0.062" in width.

Die Cuts 5

Viadon's design engineer created a custom tool to press standard tape die cut disks down over a customer's metal part.