Die Cuts 2

  • viadon logo to mask metal parts
  • Vinyl cutter logos for powder coating

Tape Die Cuts Masking Metal Parts

There are a lot of reasons to mask a metal part - some need a grounding surface, some require metal-to-metal contact for bolts or other connectors and some have areas where there just can't be a coating due to it being a critical surface.

But other times, masking can be decorative or convey a message. One example is logos, and the proliferation of vinyl-cutters / plotters for small business and home use means that you can create a nearly infinite number, styles and sizes of logos.

(One word of caution: Be careful doing logos that are trademarked by their owners! Harley Davidson is well-known for aggressively ensuring people do not use their logo without having licensed it.)

Here at Viadon, we took a slightly stylized version of our "V", cut it on our plotter, and then did some artsy-type powder coating on a piece of bent 16 gauge steel. And how did we do this? Well, with our American-made lined green polyester of course!

What kind of logos can you make? The possibilities are nearly endless.

Contact us for more information, because Viadon is not just an ordinary masking supplier.
We are 'A Cut Above'.