Low Temperature Tapes

Choose from standard, low cost tapes used for aisle marking, general masking tape and plating masking applications.

VIGC Industrial Grade Crepe Tape

Viadon's medium temperature industrial grade crepe tape can be slit as narrow as 0.125" (1/8"), though for most practical applications, 0.25" (1/4") is the minimum width.

PVC6 Vinyl Tape

Viadon's PVC6 adhesive vinyl tape is great for any plating application. With it's superb conformability it allows easy masking of irregular shapes and sizes. Exhibits exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance, and is a low cost high performance tape.

PVC6YNA Non-Adhesive Vinyl Tape

Viadon’s 4 mil thick non-adhesive vinyl tape (sometimes called dry vinyl tape) is the ideal "wrap mask" for plating, anodizing, wet painting, fixture wrapping or abrasive blasting. Low-cost and conformable, this 165 yards length material can be used for a wide variety of applications.