Flanged pull plugs

You've worked hard to prep the part. Cleaned, blasted, masked, ready to finish it. All through the process, everything has gone well. Then the part is coated, and whoops! The lead thread of that threaded through hole got coated. You know what that means: Rework!

Not good. 

There's an easier way: The flanged pull plug. These work just like regular pull plugs (insert tail, pull into place), but with a slight twist: The flange on the end masks that first-thread of that hole. Bam! Problem solved. No thread-chasing after the fact, no complaints from customers that they are having trouble with inserting critical threaded components - just parts that work. 

See these plugs in action in the short video below. 

Need more information? Find stock sizes available here. Or if you need something custom, feel free to contact us for something a little out of the ordinary. We have the ability to have small and large production runs of custom molded masks made too.