Multi-flange plugs with handle

We are often asked if there is a single plug that will mask a wide variety of holes. The answer is... yes! Viadon's VMFP line of plugs have multiple flanges that get progressively smaller in diameter towards the end. The flange means that these smaller areas will fold up into a hole while allowing the larger ones to stay on the outside. 

This accomplishes a few things:

  1. The top flange can serve as a first-thread mask.
  2. The top flange can mask a chamfer that is larger than a first thread. 
  3. The top flange can help powder coating to have a more even "edge" around a hole if it is left high enough up to allow some powder slightly underneath without going into the hole.
  4. The multiple flanges allow the same plug to be used in many different threaded and unthreaded hole sizes. 

Check out this short video for more:  

Need more information? Find stock sizes available here. Or if you need something custom, feel free to contact us for something a little out of the ordinary. We have the ability to have small and large production runs of custom molded masks made too.