Glass Cloth Tape Disks

  • GCT Glass Cloth Tape Disks
  •  See how Viadon makes tape die cuts from single-coated pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for the metal finishing industry and other applications. By Viadon LLC.
    How Tape Die Cuts are Made
  • GCT Glass Cloth Tape Disks

GCD Series, 500°F

Viadon's white glass cloth tape die-cut disks are made from 5 mils of heavy duty fiberglass material with a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and laminated on a easy release liner. Capable of withstanding both 500°F / 260°C temperatures and mild to moderate media blasting, these thicker disks are the ideal solution for somewhat aggressive part prep and finishing. Perfect for powder coating when oven temperatures exceed 425F. Our glass cloth will not shrink and removes cleanly.

Standard GCD disks are made from 7 mil glass cloth tape. Also available in 10 mil thickness (additional lead time may apply); Contact Us for a quote.

  • Die-cutting is done in-house. Can be die-cut to nearly any shape and size.
  • Disk sizes up to 24" are also available - ask us about larger stock sizes.

Need another shape? Ask us! Squares, donuts, rectangles, ovals, triangles - plus intricate or other non-standard shapes can be made into tape die cuts as well.

Viadon has some of the most competitive tooling costs in the industry! Be sure to have Viadon quote your next custom die cut.