Polyimide Tape Disks

  • Kapton Polyimide Film Tape Disks
  •  See how Viadon makes tape die cuts from single-coated pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for the metal finishing industry and other applications. By Viadon LLC.
    How Tape Die Cuts are Made
  • 1 mil Polyimide Film Tape Disks

KPD Series die cut circles, 500°F

Use amber-colored polyimide film high temperature masking tape disks for a wide range of higher heat applications. These tape disks are used in powder coating where temps exceed 425°F/215°F up to 500°F/200°C. They will not shrink and offer clean removal with no residue.

With a high dielectric strength, these die cuts can be used for electrical insulation purposes as well as some thermal insulation. Ideal for masking areas on circuit boards.

Made from a 1 mil thick polyimide film with 1.5 mils of adhesive and applied to release liner allowing for quick and easy removal for application. Other thicknesses available include 2 mils and 5 mils thick material.

Need another shape? Ask us! Squares, donuts, rectangles, ovals, triangles - plus intricate or other non-standard shapes can be made into tape die cuts too.

Viadon has some of the most competitive tooling costs in the industry! Be sure to have Viadon quote your next custom die cut.