Lead Foil Tape Disks

  • Lead Foil Tape Disks
  •  See how Viadon makes tape die cuts from single-coated pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for the metal finishing industry and other applications. By Viadon LLC.
    How Tape Die Cuts are Made
  • Lead Foil Tape Disks

LFD series of tape die cuts, 275°F

These lead foil tape disks are often used in plating and anodizing masking applications. The significant weight of this metal means these can be used for situations where small amounts of corrective weight is required – for example, golf clubs.

The adhesive is a pressure sensitive made from rubber resin. It adheres well to most surfaces, and is bonded to a 5 mils thick lead foil material, wound on a paper release liner. This allows for easy unwinding with a wrinkle-free appearance.

Viadon die cuts these disks in-house. So if you need a custom size or shape, just reach out and contact us for more information. We make tape die cuts into squares, donuts, rectangles, ovals, triangles, and all kinds of intricate / non-standard shapes.

This same material is also available in regular tape rolls.

NOTE: This tape is NOT intended to have clean-removal properties, and some adhesive may remain on the surface to which it is applied if the tape is removed. Use a commercially-available adhesive remover to clean excess adhesive.