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  • Lead Foil Tape Disks
  •  See how Viadon makes tape die cuts from single-coated pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for the metal finishing industry and other applications. By Viadon LLC.
    How Tape Die Cuts are Made
  • Lead Foil Tape Disks

Lead Foil Tape Disks, 275°F (plating, anodizing)

Viadon's 5 mil thick lead foil tape disks and dots are ideal for a wide variety of plating and anodizing applications. Die cut using our in-house rotary die cutting equipment, these dead soft foil disks utilize a thick calendared rubber resin pressure sensitive adhesive that is effective in tanks up to 180°F / 80°C. Ideal for plating & anodizing applications. Bonds well to most surfaces. Made from 5 mil lead foil tape.
This same material is also available in regular tape rolls.

  • All die cutting is done in house. Can be die-cut to nearly any shape and size.
  • Disk sizes up to 24" are also available - ask us about larger stock sizes.

Need another shape? Ask us! Squares, donuts, rectangles, ovals, triangles - plus intricate or other non-standard shapes can be made into tape die cuts as well.

Viadon has some of the most competitive tooling costs in the industry! Be sure to have Viadon quote your next custom die cut.

NOTE: This tape is NOT intended to have clean-removal properties, and some adhesive may remain on the surface to which it is applied if the tape is removed. Use a commercially-available adhesive remover to clean excess adhesive.