Need help deciding which Tapered Plug for Masking?

Below are several tapered masking plug size-comparison reference pages for downloading.

These can be printed to easily determine what size silicone (or EPDM) masking plug you

have in stock, identify it to the Viadon part number quickly and select it for use in powder

coating, anodizing, plating or wet spray painting applications.

Helpful hint: Use the top and bottom diameters to determine the width of each end of the tapered masking plug;

only use the side view to determine length. Check out this video for more information:

Click on each graphic below to download the FREE printable PDF version of each.

NOTE: When printing, in order to ensure proper size, turn off scaling or print to original size.

Check with actual ruler to ensure ruler at bottom of page measures a full 6 inches across.

Tapered plug size comparison chart - small

Tapered plug size comparison chart - large