About Us

Viadon is a custom converter and masking supplier for powder coating, ecoating, anodizing, plating and other finishing processes that continually strives for 100% customer satisfaction…every customer counts! Whether buying once a year or once every week, Viadon values your business. We do our best to ship stock items same day - even if it means sales staff going out in the warehouse to get a last minute order ready for pickup 10 minutes before UPS arrives.  And Viadon has been continually making that commitment to its customers since September 2000.

With 0% employee turnover, you can rest assured your orders will be entered and filled by experienced employees. It is well-documented that customers experience a dip in their quality of service when they have vendors who have high employee turnover rates. Whether your business is a house account or you have a specific sales person assigned to your account, you can take comfort in knowing that we take great pride in getting you what you need when you need it. Being successful is a team effort.

Our customers highly value that they always know who they are speaking to when they phone their orders in and we always know them! Wouldn’t it be nice if all the companies you deal with could be like this? It would make work & life a little easier.

Are you a current customer who has found a comparable product elsewhere for less? If so, contact us first to see if we can match our competitor’s price. We value your business and will do whatever we can to keep you satisfied.