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As a leading custom converter in the single-coated adhesive tapes market, Viadon LLC has always sought to methodically expand its lineup of products into new and existing niche markets.  Since teaming up with 3M in 2009, Viadon has increased foil and other metal tapes, including lead, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper foil products.  As a means to enhance the visibility of these foil-based products, Viadon created a new web presence with

The website went live in April 2012, highlighting the existing and new lines of foil tapes offered by Viadon LLC, with most tapes produced by 3M.  With a video on the homepage highlighting how tapes are slit to width, along with showing various aspects of metal tapes, this site includes complete data sheets so customers can quickly and easily download pertinent specifications.  This assists in helping visitors quickly see what tape(s) are best for their particular needs, whether it be EMI/RFI shielding, electrical conductivity, high tensile strength, aggressive adhesive bond, or other pertinent attributes. 

Viadon has been a custom converter located in Monee IL since 2000, specializing in the converting of single-adhesive coated films, foils and paper tape products, solid and sponge silicone and other flexible materials, along with a full line of industrial masking products including plugs and caps, some of which are variously available in silicone,EPDM, vinyl and natural cork materials. Viadon’s custom converting capabilities include tape slitting, tape and liner laminating, rotary and overhead die-cutting, and custom molded parts design and procurement from a wide variety of materials, with an emphasis on solid silicone and EPDM rubber material.

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