Rubber Material Guide

Many people think of "rubber" as being a single type of material. But in the 20th century, synthetic products were developed as a means to have rubber-like properties while adding improved characteristics that natural rubber lacked. These other rubber-like materials are advantageous to use for certain situations, such as their contact with certain liquids like acids or hydrocarbons, temperature resistance, and exposure to sunlight, weathering or abrasion. 

The chart below is designed to help convey information about the best rubber material to use for a given application as it applies to the finishing / coating industry and masking projects. Check out the typical rubber materials Viadon both stocks and can have made (Silicone / EPDM / Neoprene) and compare how they perform relative to natural rubber. 

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Elastomer Characteristics Chart

Material Silicone Rubber EPDM Rubber Neoprene Rubber Natural Rubber
Temperature Range

Max Intermittent (F) 600 350 305
Max Continuous (F) 410 250 210 175
Minimum degree (F) -75 -60 -40 -40
Mechanical Properties

Hardness Range 30-80 40-85 40-85 40-85
Elongation 300 350 400 600
Resistance to:

 Poor Good Good Excellent
Compression Set
Good Good Fair/Good Good
Tear Poor Fair/Good Good Good/Very Good
Flame Good Poor Very Good Poor
Gas Permeability Low Low Low Fairly Low
Electrical Insulation Excellent Excellent Fair/Good Good/Very Good
Acids (Diluted) Good Very Good Good Fair to Good
Acids (Concentrated) Fair Very Good Good Fair to Good
Aliphatic Solvents Poor Poor Fair to Good Poor
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Poor Poor Fair Poor
Ketones, etc. Fair Good/V. Good Poor Fair
Oil and gasoline Fair Poor Fair Poor
Animal / vegetable oils Good Good Good Fair
Water Good Excellent Good Very Good
Ozone Excellent Excellent Very Good Poor
Oxidation Excellent Very Good Very Good Fair
Weathering Excellent Excellent Very Good Fair