Laminating Capabilities

Tapes must be on a liner to leave the needed shape and peel away waste. How do those two materials get together? Laminating.


Viadon has a rotary laminator allowing single sided adhesive tapes to be lined onto polyester, BOPP or paper release liners for die cutting purposes. This process involves adding a roll of the tape to a mandrel, and another roll of the liner material to a second mandrel. The two materials are brought together between two large rollers. This ensures the tape and liner are pressed together before they are wound onto a single roll for die cutting or shipping to customers.

Each type of liner has specific release agent properties that are matched to the type of adhesive on a given tape. Silicone release liners are necessary for tapes with silicone-based adhesive systems, for example.

Materials that can be laminated

  • Polyester tapes
  • Paper tapes
  • Vinyl tapes
  • Foil tapes

Types of Liners

  • Paper
  • BOPP (Bi Oriented Polypropylene)
  • Polyester