Plotter Die Cutting Capabilities

While not ideal for large quantities, if you need to test a custom shape or get small quantities made in a hurry, you will want to know about our plotter.

Plotter-made Die Cutting

Viadon has an IOLine plotter, a robust, American-made machine employing a knife-blade system that can cut most of the tape materials we carry for prototypes, short run quantities, and one-off testing of custom designs. The advantage of a plotter is the ability make die cuts with no tooling necessary.

While the speed of producing die cuts in this manner is far slower than the rotary die cut process, the advantage is that designs can be made in as little as a few minutes and tested before investing more money into a hard tool.

Some customers require an ability to make short run die cuts of their own that they have one or more plotters in their facilities. To fill this need, Viadon also offers pre-lined green polyester masking tape for sale in 8", 14" and 22" wide rolls, at convenient 36 yard lengths. Several tapes we carry are already on a liner (aluminum and lead foils) and most of the tapes we stock can be laminated to a liner should that be a desired product for purchase.

How it works: A single-sided adhesive tape on a release liner is fed through pinch rollers, with a blade on a carriage moving in a perpendicular orientation to the roll. As the rollers and carriage move, circles, squares, triangles, and nearly any shape can be produced, provided it is within the limits of the machine and software.