Thermal Spray & Plasma Spray
Masking Products

Thermal and plasma spray masking products have different requirements than other metal finishing masking. Some products that may work in some situations are not suitable at all for others.

Thermal Spray caps and plugs

thermal spray and media blasting tape

Caps and Plugs

In situations where a hard mask either isn't required or necessary, consider some of our EPDM and silicone rubber caps, while recognizing that EPDM has better abrasion resistance properties, though a lower heat tolerance:

Thermal Spray Caps & Plugs

Thermal Spray Tapes

Thermal spray tapes have much different requirements, and there is a range of products available. Glass cloth is generally one of the least expensive tapes that is suitable for thermal spray and plasma spray applications. Also, several thicknesses of aluminum foil tapes are available, though several layers may be required for either glass cloth or aluminum foil tapes. In those cases, though more expensive per inch of width, multi-layer tapes may be more cost-effective long term.

Thermal spray and plasma spray masking applications can benefit from both aluminum/glass cloth layered tapes or aluminum/silicone/glass cloth multi-layered tapes. All of these tapes have a pressure sensitive adhesive system, which allows for greater adhesion when tape is allowed to sit over time if the tape's adhesive is activated with pressure when applied. See graphic at bottom of page, or call Viadon for more information. To go to the pages for tape rolls or die cuts of this particular tape, click these links:

Thermal Spray and Plasma Spray tapes

Viadon's thermal and plasma spray tapes are 'a cut above' many competitor's tapes, because they are American-Made. The one or two-day trip from manufacturer to our dock ensures fresh, USA-quality tape that will last up to 12 months without degrading in effectiveness. Just store on end in a cool, humidity-controlled location for best shelf life.

Other Masking Tape Options for Plating Include:

Viadon slits tape to width in-house, and die cuts masking tape disks to size, and offers custom-shapes die cutting as well.

See the video below to watch these processes in action with green polyester tape, along with how Viadon slits the tape to width, die cuts it to size, and how you can get the most out of it when applying it to parts.

Quick, informative video about Green Polyester Tape and its uses for masking during powder coating, anodizing, plating, and e-coating. Demonstrates the benefits of American-made green polyester tape.
Green Polyester Tape for Masking

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Cross-Section View

Pressure sensitive adhesive graphic

A cross-section representation of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape systems. Pressure must be applied to these tapes to increase adhesion, as the adhesive is activated with pressure and flows over time. The microscopic crevices the exists even on very smooth surfaces allow the adhesive to "grab" the surface even better after 24 hours from application.

The majority of Viadon's tape line utilize PSA's. Not all processes require a waiting period before use, but thermal spray and plasma spray may benefit from masking parts, waiting at least 12 to 24 hours, then beginning the metal finishing process. Also note that the tape adhesion is enhanced when applied to clean parts.