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cork diagram

Diagram of Dimensions for Corks

Wood Corks, 300°F (wet spray painting)

Viadon's high quality corks are an inexpensive masking solution for most wet painting operations, and can also be used in hundreds of other applications. In paint masking, our corks are ideal for wet sprayed painting situations where the dry/cure process employs either a no-bake air dry or low bake oven cure that does not exceed 300°F.

Viadon's wood corks are XXX Quality. XXXX & Select qualities of wood corks can be custom-ordered. Minimum order quantities and additional lead time(s) apply. Stock items are subject to availability, but are usually available for shipment within 24 hours.

Note: Due to the differences in moisture content per cork, actual bag quantities may vary by +/- 10%. Viadon reserves the right to charge the flat rate per bag that is listed as long as the bag quantity falls within the +/- 10% range. Contact us for more information.

Try some FREE samples of Viadon's high quality corks. Contact Us for more information.