Wet Spray Painting
Masking Products

Wet spray masking products can cover a variety of products. Some paints are air dry, some are heated to 160°F - 180°F, and others are sent through a bake process up to 300°F - 325°F. Viadon has a variety of products to cover all of these requirements though.

Spray painting masking caps and plugs

Wet spray masking tape

For a range of available products and more details about each, see these pages for more info:

Caps & Plugs

Wet Spray Painting Caps & Plugs

For standard caps and plugs used during spray painting, often a lower temperature EPDM rubber plug or cap is sufficient, though some painting job shops prefer a cured silicone material.


VHTC1 Wet Spray Painting Masking Tape (325°F)

For spray painting tapes, in higher temperature situations, look at our high temperature crepe tape rolls that are designed to be used up to 300°F - 325°F (and work best under warm-removal conditions).

VHTCD Wet Spray Painting Masking Die Cut Disks (325°F)

High temperature crepe tape disks are another wet spray painting masking standard, and a wide range of stock sizes are not only available, but custom sizes and other shapes are options as well.

Viadon's wet spray painting tapes are 'a cut above' many competitor's tapes, because they are American-Made . The same-day trip from manufacturer to our dock ensures fresh, USA-quality tape that will last up to 12 months without degrading in effectiveness. Just store on end in a cool, humidity-controlled location for best shelf life.

Other Masking Tape Options for Wet Spray Painting Include:

Viadon slits tape to width in-house, and die cuts wet spray painting tape disks to size, and offers custom-shapes die cutting as well.

The video below details how silicone tapered plugs are both best used, and situations when other plugs are better options. Click the link at the top of the page for more caps and plugs that are perfect for wet spray painting operations.

Silicone tapered plugs are useful for plugging a wide variety of holes. For high temperature and chemically resistant situations, silicone plugs are often an excellent choice. Learn more about how they can be put to use in the metal finishing industry for masking holes.
Silicone Tapered Plugs

What Pressure Sensitive Tapes Mean for Wet Spray Painting

Pressure sensitive adhesive graphic

A cross-section representation of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape systems. Pressure must be applied to these tapes to increase adhesion, as the adhesive is activated with pressure and flows over time. The microscopic crevices the exists even on very smooth surfaces allow the adhesive to "grab" the surface even better after 24 hours from application.

The majority of Viadon's tape line utilize PSA's. Not all processes require a waiting period before use; often wet-spray painting masking can be applied and used in a short period of time. But in-line washers may cause less masking problems if the tape is allowed to sit for some time before parts with tape on them are run through. Or, if tapes are allowed to stay on parts for extended periods of time, they may be more difficult to remove, as the adhesive has achieved greater adhesion. However, note that the tape adhesion is enhanced when applied to clean parts. Balance needs accordingly for your metal finishing operations.