EPP - EPDM Pull Plugs

  • EPP EPDM Pull Plugs
  • EPP EPDM Pull Plugs
pull plug diagram

Diagram of Dimensions for Pull Plugs

EPDM Pull Plugs, 350°F (anodizing, plating, painting, and grit blasting applications)

Viadon's EPDM Pull Plugs (EPP's) perform an important masking task - masking a through-hole in it's entirety with a single plug. How does it work, you ask? Place the narrow diameter end through the hole and pull the large diameter end through the hole (pretty smart to call them "pull-plugs", huh?). These indispensable masking aids reduce your costs for masking by speeding the masking process. Instead of using two tapered plugs, use one pull plug!

These plugs can withstand temperatures up to 350°F / 177°C, have great chemical resistance, and are ideal for plating, anodizing, and many painting applications.

Custom sizes available with low cost tooling. For some FREE EPDM pull plug samples - Contact us for more information.
Stock items are subject to availability, but are usually available for shipment within 24 hours.