Masking Products

E-coating masking can cover a pretty wide variety of options, because the heat requirements are generally in the 350°F - 375°F range, and there are a fair number of products that will withstand those oven cure temperatures.

Ecoating caps and plugs

Green E-coat tape

Caps and Plugs

For standard caps and plugs used in this process, a cured silicone material is the industry standard. For available molded parts and more details about each, see this page for more info:

Silicone Caps & Plugs

Green Polyester

Green polyester tape is generally most used for this type of metal finish, and is suitable for temperatures up to 400°F for 60 minutes. This is well within the range of most typical oven curing at 350°F - 375°F. The silicone based adhesive adheres well to aluminum, steel, and other commonly ecoated metals. Simply apply firm pressure to the tape on a clean, dry surface. For more info, click these links:

VGT215 Green Polyester Tape

VGD Green Polyester Tape Die Cut Disks

Viadon's green poly is 'a cut above' many competitor's tapes, because it is American-Made. The same-day trip from manufacturer to our dock ensures fresh, high-quality tape that will last up to 12 months without degrading in effectiveness. Just store on end in a cool, humidity-controlled location for best shelf life.

Other Masking Tape Options for E-Coating Include:

  • GCT Glass Cloth Tape: Thicker material, conformable, great for very thick applications, also handles up to 500°F
  • VBT Blue Polyester Tape: Thin, 1 mil carrier material, can be use around complex curved surfaces, temps to 400°F
  • VOT Orange Polyester Tape: Similar to green polyester, but handles a bit extra heat, up to 425°F for longer cure times
  • VT950 Yellow Polyester Tape: Having a tough time getting other tapes to stick to the metal? Try this tape; very aggressive (sticky) adhesive, and handles 400°F

Viadon slits tape to width in-house, and die cuts tape disks to size, and offers custom-shapes die cutting as well.

See the video below to watch these processes in action with green polyester tape, along with how Viadon slits the tape to width, die cuts it to size, and how you can get the most out of it when applying it to parts.

Quick, informative video about Green Polyester Tape and its uses for masking during powder coating, anodizing, plating, and e-coating. Demonstrates the benefits of American-made green polyester tape.
Green Polyester Tape for Masking